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Ocean State Community Energy

Thinking Globally, While Acting Locally.

Our mission is to facilitate the clean energy transition for the state of Rhode Island from an energy importer to a clean energy producer and exporter.

Our work will result in many new jobs for Rhode Islanders, will position the state as a leader, and will fundamentally restructure the energy distribution system within the state. 

The Priorities of Ocean State Community Energy (OSCE)

Our focus is to put forward a clean energy transition feasibility study and road map with the assistance and input of engineering, business, energy, and environmental experts from across Rhode Island who live in, work in, and dream of what is possible for the Ocean State.

Phase I:  City of Cranston Report developed and delivered. This report developed a proposal that not only demonstrated a pathway to generate over 100% of the city’s needs in the most streamlined and cost-effective approach possible, but does so in a way that does not disturb the city's open green space. The roadmap developed within the report will serve as a blueprint for other towns throughout Rhode Island.

Phase II: Develop a pathway for all of Rhode Island, town by town. Our hope is that this initiative will further motivate state government, business, and municipal officials, at all levels, to take further action towards policies and projects that will bring millions of dollars back to the state annually, supporting new and current industry and the workers of Rhode Island, for the significant economic benefit of every single resident across the state. 

The Focus of the Phase II State-Wide Proposal

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Significantly reducing energy consumption while modernizing and investing in a new grid to make the transition from energy importer to energy exporter. 


A healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future for ourselves, our children, and the future generations of the Ocean State. 


New Green Economy

Rhode Island leading the way is the new, clean, renewable energy-based economy of tomorrow.


Who is Ocean State Community Energy?

A Joint Venture Of ReVenture & 4E Energy Consulting

Where We Began

We are made up of the teams and expertise of ReVenture and 4 E Energy. Joshua May, Co-Founder & President of ReVenture, and Brandon Boucher, the CEO of 4E Energy Consulting are both U.S. Veterans and met three years ago while leading veterans from across the country to the Standing Rock Reservation in support of the Lakota Sioux Nation Water Protectors. They and their teams are passionate about and committed to finding solutions to the climate crisis and the idea that Rhode Island, New England, and the United States should lead the way into the clean energy economy that is already moving forward across the globe. 

Where We Are Headed

In addition to the field work and research around this initiative, OSCE, along with the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats, is working on launching a funding mechanism that will assist municipalities, businesses, and homeowners in making the move to renewable energy, greater efficiency and sustainable solutions across the state. OSCE partner, ReVenture, is also in the research and development stage of an online tool that will help the state and all Rhode Island municipalities operate in a streamlined manner while planning for, financing, and executing on this ambitious energy transition. This tool will be provided to the State at no cost and is targeted for an early 2021 launch.

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